The Broadcast Service for the Minister of Finance is a new service provided at the request of our customers, to provide and provide successful and reliable recommendations.
To speculate on the rise and fall of the price of gold, to transform real gold from savings into a safe and profitable investment.

Podcast features:
1- A monthly live stream for our friends on the channel only. This will be the last Friday of every month
2-This weekly voice will be every Friday except Live Friday
3- Al-Baik’s recommendations for international and Egyptian gold, and there are no deadlines. We see the maximum price that gold can reach, international or Egyptian, and we give a recommendation for the international or Egyptian price.
In the last 6 months, there were 3 recommendations for the Egyptian and their uniform for the international, and thanks to God, we succeeded in this
4- We aim to include a special report for the Minister of Finance (pdf), which will be published twice this week explaining our complete analysis of gold and our explanation of why, through it, you can make a decision to buy or sell.

You can follow gold prices, moment by moment, from the real-time gold price channel

1. VIPChannel (Gold-Forex-Cryptocurrency)
2. VIPChannel discussion group
3. We will be with you step by step, with good, continuous and effective follow-up 24 hours a day.
4. Free Binance course.
5. Free trading course for beginners (22 videos).
6. Free trading and investing in stocks course.
7. 3 live weekly.
8. Consultation session 50% discount.
9. Step-by-step deal application video.
10. 2 integrated videos for the Exness platform.

Gold Broadcast subscription prices


$ 50
  • بدلا من 80