At the beginning of the journey to trading, we all remain anxious and lost, and we feel that the field is very complicated and we do not know how to take the next step.
The step that everyone takes in the wrong way is the reason why the risks remain electronic and the percentage of loss becomes greater.
Let's explore the world of trading in a simple way
That's why we made the live video for you for free
We will explain and clarify the following:
1. How do we start right and how do I avoid losses and increase the percentage of gains.
2. We will show you the skills and how to develop them to excel in the world of trading.
3. All deposit and withdrawal methods available in the trading field (Binance).
4. How to copy trades from the VIP Channel Exense – Binance.
5. The beginning and how the Finance Minister follows you step by step.
6. We will share with you effective trading strategies that will direct you to the right path.
7. We will apply the attributes to you, step by step, in all their patterns.
8. Your opportunity is to ask and inquire while you are with us in Al-Aleef and we will answer you in the correct and best way.
9. We can guide you to all the financial opportunities available.
10. Advice on entry and exit dates for trades.