International stocks

In order for any company in the world to grow, it needs to work on loans or offer the company’s shares for public subscription on the stock exchange.

We can trade and invest in American global stocks with ease today through a broker licensed by the US Federal Bank and obtain official American licenses through Broker (interactive).

We have made this easy for you and provided you with a complete course on investing and trading in stocks from here:

You can start with the Interactive Broker, which allows you to trade international stocks for long periods easily.
Interactive Broker (the best safe broker, and the advantage is that the commission is very low. It can start from $200, which is the minimum).
We prefer to start from $600, if your capital allows, and the more the amount invested, the better, and the higher the profit rate. Our role is to guide you and follow up with you.

Egyptian stocks

These are platforms like Thunder. You can register and start in Thunder from here “(Thunder(”)) (Hyperlink transfers the Thunder platform to me:
Your recommendation is to implement what you are (
If you would like us to choose for you, which are the 4 best stocks in the quarter, different sectors, and each stock corresponds to exactly how many years, and which is better?
Stocks for Investment: You can book a consultation session with us, through which we can help you with all of this and answer any special questions.
By investment.
You can find the session reservation link and you can book a counseling session from here:

International exchange
Or by trading in Forex and Gold through Exness, which is the best broker with which you can start Forex and Gold, and the advantage
You can start with $151 and carry out buying and selling through my recommendations, and you can learn more about them here: