word Minister of Finance

We are the Financial Minister's Company
It was established in April 2020 as an online company
We initially specialized in gold, its expectations, and how to invest in it in the correct way
Currently, we have a full team that helps you enter all financial fields to achieve its goal of helping you, providing your sources of income, and maximizing your wealth. We rely on this practical method.
1- Increasing basic sources of income helped us because we are creating a whole series called online work
2- Increasing the size of your wealth begins with dividing your financial portfolio in the correct and scientific manner
Through financial and real estate consultations based on standards and fundamentally changing mentality

Abdul Rahman Mohsen

Founder and CEO

Mahmoud Mustafa

Business development manager, video editor

    Muhammad Madih

    I work as a development assistant, web moderator

      Ziad Abdel Qader

      Trading Supervisor