Trading on the global stock market is the process of buying and selling stocks, digital currencies, or currencies through the financial markets between Forex, Gold, digital currencies, stocks, oil......

With experience, the best trading job
Via MT4/MT5

We sign up with a broker through which we can connect with them
This is based on something called Daily trader
Of course, we choose Islamic accounts without swapping

1. VIPChannel (Gold-Forex-Cryptocurrency)
2. VIPChannel discussion group
3. We will be with you step by step, with good, continuous and effective follow-up 24 hours a day.
4. Free Binance course.
5. Free trading course for beginners (22 videos).
6. Free trading and investing in stocks course.
7. 3 live weekly.
8. Consultation session 50% discount.
9. Step-by-step deal application video.
10. 2 integrated videos for the Exness platform.

أسعار الإشتراك بقناة Gold VIP


$ 100